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Blade Spray 4-in-1

3.101.00 - 500 ml
Flawle Blade Spray is a highly-effective 4-in-1 spray that provides immediate cooling, lubrication and cleaning of the blade set, and consequently ensures protection against corrosion.
Directions: hold the can upright and at distance of 15-20 cm following and during use, and spray from the side through the blade set. For additional lubrication of the blade set use Flawle Blade Oil.
Ingredients: Butane, Propane, Propan-2-Ol, Hydrocarbons, C7 N-Alkanes, Isoalkanes, Cyclics, Pentane, White Mineral Oil

Blade Oil

3.102.00 - 150 ml
Apply regularly to teeth and body of blades to help maximize clipper performance and ensure longer blade life, when blade becomes noisy, leaves track marks, or skips fine hairs.
Directions: 3 drops across the teeth of the blade and 1 drop on each back rail.
Ingredients: White Mineral Oil