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Flawle Coloristics

Flawle Coloristics Collection includes Hair Color Brushes with AccuSoft Bristles, Hair Clips,
Foil Rolls in own dispenser boxes with a blade for easy cutting and cutting capes.


Discover Flawle Coloristics Collection!
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Loved By

"I love Flawle products! From the moment I was introduced to the brand I have used nothing else! Flawle make my craft much easier!"
Karolina Szymańska
"Flawle tools and products are the best! They help me to improve my craft! I could not do what I do without them!"
Henryka Andrzejewska
"I believe that Flawle tools give me the best results in my craft! I believe that Flawle tools help me to work not only quicker but more effectively!"
Maciej Nowicki
"I use Flawle color brushes and foil in the salon and I can’t go back to anything else! All I need is Flawle tools and products!"
Błażej Kowal

– two highly-effective products made to keep clipper blades clean and lubricated. Work great on all clipper blades. Can also be used for scissors.